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Rodiles Beach

The world class surf spot of Rodiles is set in the heart of Northern Spain's Costa Verde. The swell-blessed beaches of the Cantabrian coast offer consistent year round waves that break onto swathes of clean, golden sand.

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The Rodiles surf camp is located in Villaviciosa, which is near to Oviedo and Gijon in Asturias. From there it's only a ten minute drive to the world class surf spot of Rodiles. It is a relatively unknown part of Spain, as yet pretty much unexplored and unexploited by mass tourism. The region is known as the Costa Verde (Green Coast) in homage to the emerald hills and mountains which provide a stunning backdrop to it's beautiful beaches.

At the surf camp, you will be able to enjoy the unique experience of learning to surf with local surfers at one of the best surf spots in Europe. The 2 hour classes are for all levels and take place in the morning with experienced English-speaking surf instructors.

The Surf Lodge

Another private room in the house next door to the surf lodge Relaxing in the evening after a long day in the surf

Alvaro's surf lodge sleeps about 15 in bunk beds with a couple of private rooms for couples and families, in the adjacent house. There is also a comfortable, open lounge with TV, DVD, stereo system and musical instruments, so that you can kick back and relax those tired muscles after the day's surfing.

All your meals are included in the price. In the summer there are also regular barbecues and fiestas out on the terrace.

The Surfer-Friendly Hotel

If you want a bit more privacy you could stay in our surfer-friendly hotel, situated in the main square in centre of the small but lively town of Villaviciosa, within easy walking distance of all the shops, bars and restaurants.

The rooms all have en-suite bathrooms and a television. Breakfast is provided every morning before you hit the surf

Surf photo

The beach-break at Rodiles is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. There are a number of peaks spread out along the beautiful sandy beach, which ranks as one of the best surf spots in Northern Spain.

Rodiles is also famous for having the best wave in Asturias. The world-class river mouth lefthander is very similar to Mundaka, in the Basque Country. La Barra (the sand-bar), as it's known, is always crowded when it's working - it's well worth a visit, but definitely an experienced surfer's wave only.

The waves from May to September average at about 4 feet (1.2 metres) and from October to April at about 7 feet (2.1 metres.)

The North of Spain, in general, is one of the most consistent areas in Europe. Also, as the swells tend to arrive without the strong winds you normally find further north, the waves are on average a lot better quality than you would expect to find in the UK.

Asturias Surf Trips

The options shown here are not the only possibilities available. If you don't see what you're looking for or you want stay for a longer or shorter length of time, please get in contact with us here at Surf Spain.

Option 1
(Surf Lodge)

6 nights accommodation
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Daily 2.5 hour surf classes
All day board and wetsuit hire
All Airport and beach transfers


Option 2
(Surf Lodge)

6 nights accommodation
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
All day board and wetsuit hire
All Airport and beach transfers


Option 3

6 nights in a Hotel
5 x 2.5 hour surf classes
Board and wetsuit hire



* We offer a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more - so don't forget to tell us if you are making a group booking.